Who are Kids Imagine Nation?

KIN is a trio that creates music, video, and live shows. Based off their previous jobs as preschool music teachers, they created a live stream network, based on their KIN characters from their YouTube web series. They have been seen at The Disneyland Resort, and as an actual theme park show at LEGOLAND California.

On Demand or Live Stream

This depends on you schedule. If you choose our live stream plus plan you can participate in 5 live stream shows a week. You will also have access to the interact section where you can post your Dance Party requests, download your BINGO cards fo Family Game night, or post your drawings that you want to submit for Fairy Tale Night. You will also have access to the on demand content. If you choose On Demand, you will have access to all on demand content and will be able to see recorded live streams 1 week later.

If I can watch recorded live streams a week later, why would I sign up for the Live Stream Plus Plan?

Although you will be able to watch it, your little’s name won’t be said during it, and you won’t be able to participate in submission such as Fairy Tale Nights and Share Day during Circle Time. You will also not have access to any of the DJ Dance Parties (these are exclusive to the Live Stream Plus)

Can I upgrade from On Demand to Live Stream Plus?

Yes! Click on your circle icon in the top right corner of the menu bar to access you account.